Online events to help you understand, plan and prepare to offer industry placements.

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  • Industry placements – Upskilling tomorrow’s workforce

    An industry placement is an extended period of structured time that a student spends in the workplace, developing technical and soft skills relevant to the sector.  They can vary in length but must last for a minimum of 45 days, allowing students to make a meaningful contribution to your organisation.   Many employers already offer industry placements.  In this webinar, you’ll discover how indu...

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  • Industry placements within the digital sector: how can they work in your organisation?

    Digital and IT placements are applicable across a wide range of industries and organisations. In this webinar, we’ll give you an overview of what T Level industry placements look like for today’s Digital and IT roles, how to make sure it is a success for you and the student, and the government support available to help you.The webinar will cover: what industry placements are and how they contr...

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  • Industry placements within the construction sector: how can they work in your organisation?

    In this webinar you'll discover information and practical insights around planning and hosting industry placements for the construction sector.  You will come away with a heightened level of confidence in offering construction-based industry placements in your organisation.You will learn:  what industry placements are and how they contribute to T Level qualifications  how industry placements w...

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  • Supporting employers with T Level Industry Placements – an introduction for business advisors

    In this webinar you’ll receive information and practical insights on the role of business advisors in supporting T Level industry placements.  The webinar will equip you as a business advisor to be better able to explain industry placements and T Levels to the businesses you work with and advise.  This fast-paced and interactive webinar will cover: What T Levels and industry placements are, an...

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  • Webinar Recordings

    Introduction If you'd like an introduction to T Levels and industry placements or an overview specifically related to your T Level route, please click below on the relevant link.  You will be able to watch the webinar recording and download the slide deck used during the webinar.   T Level topic or route Summary Date held Industry placements – supporting your workforce development ...

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