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Find out more about what industry placements and T Levels are, and how they could work in your business.

Business benefits

Discover the benefits of hosting an industry placement at your company, including the £1,000 employer incentive.

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Guidance to help you plan, including information about legal compliance, working with providers and paying students.

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How to work with students while they are on a placement, and end-of-placement reviews.

Skill areas and case studies

Discover the skill areas that industry placements cover and find out what placement students can offer.

Workshops and webinars

Online events to help you understand, plan and prepare to offer industry placements.

About T Levels

T Levels are a new qualification for students aged 16-19 who've finished GCSEs. They sit alongside A Levels and apprenticeships to give young people the technical and practical skills needed to be an asset in the workplace.

T Levels combine classroom learning with a substantial industry placement.

Video transcript

Industry placements are really important to us because they're a way of us bringing in new perspectives on to the work that we're planning and delivering.

Our organisation has benefited from being involved with these placements because we're seeing the best and the brightest coming through that are eager to learn.

From our point of view we feel these longer placements works really well both for us and for the students.

The more of us that get on board we're trying to get people into work - whether it's through an apprenticeship, or through direct entry or through an industry placement - is really critical to helping sustain our future workforce.

So it's vitally important for us to have placements so we can bring them in, nurture them, help them with their training and hopefully retain them at the end of their qualification.

The important thing is to look at it as an opportunity and appreciate the impact that young people can have if given that opportunity and understanding how they can flourish and then really actually add value to your business.

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