Industry placement stories: benefits to employers video transcript


This video shows some of the ways in which employers benefit from offering placements to T level students. 

Alistair Broadberry, Regional Director – Morgan Sindall: I think it's just vitally important for our future to be engaged with the education establishments, the students and from my perspective, probably more personally, at a younger age to inspire the next generation to come through. 

So, Morgan Sindall benefits from having young people in the workplace in a variety of ways, and when I look at our current apprentices, I think about 70% are either ex work experience work placements. So, we know as a business that we're getting people who are interested, keen and enthusiastic about the industry that they're coming into. We've got earlier access to people that want to be working in construction, which for us as an employer, is brilliant. 

Alistair Easterfield, Assistant Principal – Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology: With all the projects, we work very closely with them to find what the employer wants to get from the project as well. So for many of the organisations, it might be that, for example, they're looking for new employees. It's a chance to raise their profile with prospective new staff. 

Tom – Digital Production, Design and Development T Level student – CTECH Business Solutions: The biggest thing that I bring to the CTECH team is ideas because you know, you can't get enough of them and new, innovative ideas are what keeps business going. 


Click on the links to see how staff and students benefit from industry placements as well. 

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