Work taster activities

Work taster activities can be a useful way to trial the industry placement process and assess a student’s suitability before committing to an industry placement.  

All T Level students are allowed to do up to 35 hours of work taster activities and will be counted towards their total number of industry placement hours.

These activities:

  • must be relevant to the student's T Level
  • usually take place in their first year of study 

Unlike industry placements, work taster activities can be delivered remotely. 

What do work taster activities include?

Work taster activities should give students the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the industry related to their T Level, and develop the skills and/or gain experiences to help them prepare for their placement.  

Activities could include:

  • job shadowing 
  • site visits to the employer
  • setting the student a small project or series of activities related to their T Level

The student’s college or school will be able to advise on suitable work taster activities based on the content of the T Level they’re studying.  

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How can I offer work taster activities?

Get in touch with a T Level school or college near you to discuss offering work taster activities to T Level students. 

If you choose to offer the student an industry placement following their work taster activities, the hours they’ve worked with you will count towards their total number of industry placement hours.


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