Specific requirements in the Education and Early Years skill area

This article describes specific requirements that may apply to industry placements in the Education and Early Years skill area.

When you get to the detailed preparations for industry placements, you should consider which requirements apply to you, with the school, college or other type of provider you are working with. You should talk to them about any specific compliance obligations on your business.


You will need to understand the requirements of student safeguarding, especially given that a high proportion of placement students could be under 18. For example there may be situations where your placement students are alone with adult staff members as part of their work.

Students should read and understand appropriate guidance, and could discuss them with their supervisor or mentor. For example, in a Teaching Assistant placement, you could give students access to statutory guidance including Keeping Children Safe in Education Part 1, your safeguarding policies and your Prevent strategy.

Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) checks are a major feature for the education and early years industry. An enhanced DBS check will be required for students before starting their placement. Their school or college can provide advice and support on this if you need it.


Students will need to understand how to use any online technology safely and will need to understand your ‘data protection’ and ‘use of mobile technology’ policies and how these might differ from the policies of their own school or college.


Students will need careful induction training to ensure that they can work in a non discriminatory way, by being aware of differences and ensuring all children have equal access to opportunities to learn, develop and reach their potential.

They will need to be able to take into account fundamental British values including democracy, the rule of the law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and positive behaviours.

Much of this content will feature in students’ courses. Talk to the school or college to schedule this in advance of placements.

If you host a student with special educational needs or disabilities you may need to make reasonable adjustments to ensure your technology and all activities are usable by people with, for example: impaired vision; motor difficulties; cognitive impairments or learning disabilities; or deafness or impaired hearing. You should discuss and arrange such reasonable adjustments with the school or college and student before the industry placement commences.

Supplementary learning

The following supplementary learning that can be included within the Education and Early Years T Level. It is worth discussing with the education provider whether it would be beneficial for an industry placement student to have done this prior to starting an industry placement in your organisation:

Health and safety

You will be responsible for the health and safety of students whilst they are on industry placement with you, and students will need to fully understand the unique health and safety requirements of an early years setting.

Factor into your induction training issues such as the importance of first aid procedures, recording and reporting incidents and a broad knowledge of Health & Safety Policy. Much of this could be done in advance of the placement, working with the student’s school or college to schedule appropriate course content.

Food and hygiene

For the Early Years Educator occupational specialism only.   Depending on the nature of the placement/occupation it may be beneficial to undertake a relevant food and hygiene qualification/training.

The legal compliance article gives you more general information about your main responsibilities and provides links to detailed guidance and resources.

The content in this resource is for information only and does not constitute advice. Suggestions or considerations are offered for you to take into account. It’s your responsibility, supported by your school or college, to comply with any legal duties that you might have.

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