Lloyd's Banking Group Case Study


This video is an illuminating and inspiring insight into the experiences of an employer, as they go on their journey of hosting T Level students on industry placements and employing them afterwards as apprentices. 

The T Level students featured in the video make a real contribution to their host employer. 

During their time on industry placements they: 

  • Created a dashboard to bring performance indicators to life
  • Built a chatbot for a local business area
  • Developed an induction pack to help new joiners get more information about the business area and locate resources more easily.

The full video lasts about seven minutes. It is broken up into three sections:

Getting Ahead (1:45 minutes in)

Student: “I was doing the hard tasks – I was basically way ahead” 

  • Where the employer started their T Level journey
  • Why they are hosting many more placements now
  • What students think of their industry placements
  • How line managers view students
  • Which skills students learn during the placement 

Endless Opportunities (2:31 minutes in)

Employer: “They’ve proven themselves in the time they’ve been here” 

  • How students contribute to the business
  • What line managers learn from hosting students
  • How students are recruited into jobs 
  • How they make the leap into being employed full time
  • Which other opportunities are open to students
  • Who supports students in their early career 

Fast Track to the Future (5:38 minutes in)

Student: “It feels like a fast track into life – now I feel I’m running ahead” 

Employer: “Now we’re realising the talent” 

  • What the employer gains from its investment in T Levels
  • How industry placements provide early access to talent 
  • Why students value their experience on placements


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