Selecting projects and activities for Hair and Beauty industry placements

When planning your placement, you should think about projects and activities that can:

  • allow students to apply and enhance their knowledge of the industry as well as their technical skills
  • add value to your organisation 

You can do this in collaboration with the student's school or college. 

Students taking the Hairdressing, Barbering and Beauty Therapy T Level will have a broad understanding of the sector, and will be studying occupation-specific modules.

Here, you'll find examples of projects you can set for your industry placement students, as well as tips on things to think about when planning them. 

Example industry placement projects for Hair and Beauty



A student supported a barber shop over an 18-month period.

In the first part of the placement the student worked with an experienced member of the team, kept the salon clean and tidy, took bookings and prepared clients for barbering.

Over time, with supervision, they worked gradually more independently, shampooing, shaving, cutting and colouring hair.

Projects and activities:

  • Make appointments using the barber shop system
  • Shampoo, treat and condition hair and scalp using appropriate massage techniques and products
  • With support and supervision, lighten, tone and colour hair
  • Create a positive brand image using social media to enhance new business, client loyalty and repeat visits
  • Whilst being supervised, use creative and precision barbering techniques


A hair salon offered a placement to an industry placement student.

The student came in for a 2-week block at the start of their placement to understand the business environment and how the hairdressers cut and shampoo hair.

The student then came in 1 day a week as standard, taking on increasingly complex work, building their skills and confidence across the 2 years.

Projects and activities:

  • Prepare clients’ hair prior to service
  • Provide smoothing and strengthening services
  • With supervision, carry out creative and precision cutting, styling and finishing techniques
  • Prepare, clean, store and dispose of tools, equipment and products in accordance with legal requirements and manufacturers’ instructions
  • Calculate payment required after hair services

Express beauty services

A spa that delivers a range of relaxation services, offered industry placement students an opportunity to gain more experience of delivering express services.

Students worked as part of the welcome team initially, before learning from beauty therapists offering express services. Toward the end of the placement and still with constant supervision, they carried out basic express service therapies.

Projects and activities:

  • Greet clients on arrival and provide refreshments and reading materials to those in the waiting room
  • Clean, maintain and dispose of equipment and products to maintain high professional standards
  • Replenish stock as required by beauty therapists
  • Apply and remove a range of nail finishes
  • Supported by an experienced therapist, plan, prepare and perform enhancements to the appearance of the eyebrows and lashes on clients

Identifying placement projects

Look for projects and activities for placement students that:

  • line up with your future recruitment needs

  • will attract and challenge high-calibre students who are aiming for hair and beauty career

  • will give students a real insight into the tasks they will carry out when working in industry

  • provide opportunities for students to make a meaningful contribution to live projects, but recognising that they are likely to be new to the world of work and so need to be involved in lower risk or non-critical activities

  • allow learning and contribution without being an added burden for their supervisors, or slowing down overall speed of the salon

You can use the planning the content of an industry placement tool to:

  • structure industry placement projects and activities
  • provide meaningful experience for the student 
  • deliver tangible benefits for your organisation

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