Unlock the potential of T Level placements: Making the business case

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Are you keen to host T Level industry placements but need to make the case internally? Join our 1.5hour webinar designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools to make a compelling business case for integrating student placements into your organisation. 

This webinar will guide you through: 

Compelling Benefits for Your Organisation and Teams

  • Fresh Perspectives and Innovation: Harness the creativity and cutting-edge knowledge of students eager to make a mark. 
  • Talent Pipeline: Identify and nurture future talent, reducing recruitment costs and ensuring a seamless transition from student to full-time employee.
  • Enhanced Team Morale: Boost your team's energy and collaboration with the enthusiasm and fresh ideas of students.  

Comprehensive Planning and Resource Allocation

  • Step-by-Step Planning: Understand the logistical considerations and timelines for a successful placement programme. 
  • Resource Allocation: Learn what resources (time, budget, and personnel) are needed to support student placements effectively. 
  • Role of the Coordinator: Get insights into the vital role of a coordinator in ensuring the smooth integration and management of students within your organisation. 

Making the Case to Department and Team Leads

  • Team Benefits: Articulate the specific advantages to your department leads, emphasising enhanced productivity, innovation, and mentorship opportunities. 
  • Understanding Placements: Gain a clear understanding of what placements entail, including duration, objectives, and expected outcomes. 
  • Line Manager Role and Support: Clarify the responsibilities of line managers in mentoring and supervising students, and hear about the extensive support available from Colleges and Schools. 

We’ll also share government resources and support available to help you make a strong business case and plan for placements. 

Who Should Attend? 

HR Professionals: Looking to grow talent across the organisation. 

Team Leads and Department Heads: Keen to understand the direct benefits to their teams. 

Business Leaders: Interested in fostering a culture of innovation and growth. 


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